***Succeed at your Goals 95% of the Time

Keys to success imageResolutions Don’t Work but Written Goals DO!

The research is that by 3 months, 70% have failed at their New Year’s resolutions.  But that doesn’t mean goals aren’t important.

Several new studies show how to make your goals work for you.  Dominican University of California did a study and they determined that written goals do work, especially if you have an accountability partner.  Dr. Gail Matthews found that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and repeat them.

Dr. Halverson, a psychologist, learned that if you decide in advance where and when you’re going to take specific action on your goal and follow-through, you double and triple your chances for success.  Writing down your goals daily can be a powerful exercise in reminding your subsconscious what you need to focus on.

But the most powerful study of all is from ASTD, the American Society for Training and Development. They learned that if you have written goals and an accountability partner and you commit and check in with that partner about your goals weekly, your chances of success increase 95%!! That’s amazing. (Thanks to the wonderful Marie Forleo for sharing this.)

So if you want 2020 to be your year- and you do- write those goals down in every area of your life, get a good accountability partner who will cheer you on, and check in with them weekly on your progress.

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