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Fired Up! How to Succeed by Making Your Dreams Come True – over 65,000 copies sold

263 pgs – U.S. $13.95 / Canada $19.95

The original motivational book with a step by step action plan to make any dream come true. Chock full of inspirational stories and uplifting quotes. Perfect for entrepreneurs, people making changes in their lives, college students or anyone who wants some extra motivation.

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Price: $13.95

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Price: $13.95

Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers

 Will help you:

  • Determine how close you are to burnout
  • Do more of what you love on a regular basis & create a more fulfilling, joyful life
  • Take immediate action to reduce your stress levels
  • Create strategies to prevent future stress
  • Learn what research says about sleep deprivation and its severe negative impact on you
  • Overcome past limitations and break negative stress habits
  • Promote your well-being and positive self-esteem by using completion
  • Use 10 quick tips for staying “Fired Up!”

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The Find Your Happiness & Dramatically Improve Your Business Success™ Package

• 5 different Find Your Happiness mp3 recordings or CD’s filled with actionable content

• a 12 page Find Your Happiness Workbook filled with practical tips, tools and exercises to help you regain your joy, increase your happiness and expand your optimism

• 1 Group Coaching Question and Answer calls on Happiness

• weekly emails on happiness for 2 months after the order

• The free report: The Top 20 Tips to Get and Stay Fired Up!

• A Free Chapter from Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers

Find Your Happiness Package $297

$297 CD package


The Fired Up! How to Succeed by Making Your Dreams Come True Home Study Course™  by Snowden McFall

The step by step guide to helping you clarify your dream and make it come true, with guided visualizations, motivational stories, practical tips and tools to  accelerate your success.

263 Page book, comprehensive workbook, 7 audio cd’s and 1 DVD

plus 2 individual coaching calls and 1 group Q& A call with Snowden McFall

Regular Price $997