References / Client Testimonials

Individual letters and references will be provided upon request.  Below are  testimonial quotes from satisfied clients for whom Snowden has provided a keynote motivational speech or management training.


” When we were planning our event for the Finance Group, I knew we wanted a speaker who was fresh and unique, someone to shift our people into new ways of thinking. Your Fired Up! presentation ideally suited our needs. Your innovative, interactive style, meaningful data and thought-provoking activities renewed and energized our team….Snowden, your presentation was highly positive, refreshing and effective… The advance research you did getting to know our issues and various members of our group made all the difference. You met all our goals for the event- thank you for a great job.” LB, Finance, Vistakon Pharmaceuticals

“Snowden, you did a wonderful job…From the in-depth nature of the material and the customization …you obviously tailored the entire program to our needs. From the personality types to high level customer and employee management, you effectively addressed the issues that are uniquely Pfizer….The day was fast-paced and fun. Everyone loved the interactive processes; the team is more cohesive and more appreciative. Thanks for an excellent program.” H.M., Global R&D, Pfizer, Inc.

“You were absolutely the perfect keynoter for our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.  Your combination of heart-warming stories, significant data and genuine gratitude deeply moved the attendees.,,, Your commitment to volunteerism is so evident in all that you do.  I know you interviewed over 40 volunteers and were able to tap into their comments and anecdotes.  That was so valuable and gave us much needed feedback…Snowden, you are a tremendous resource to non-profits, for both your exceptional speaking ability and extraordinary depth of consulting and coaching services.” Lelia Duncan, CEO, Community Connections Jacksonville, Fl

You came highly recommended as a top-notch keynote speaker who could inspire, uplift and educate our association members and you more than fulfilled that.  Your Reignite Your Fire and Prevent Burn-Out™ presentation has a strong, positive impact on our members and truly Fired them Up!…Audience feedback showed they loved the practicality of the stress tips….Snowden, your professionalism, sincerity, and expertise were all evident in the 3 days you spent with us.” Cynamic Kinard, President,  Healthcare Financial Management Association- GA

” Snowden, what audiences enjoy most about you is your heartfelt enthusiasm and authenticity, coupled with truly valuable information and a fully customized approach. In the past, some speakers have not understood our needs… That was not the case with you at all. The associates felt this program was designed especially for them and it truly was, You took a great deal of time to get to know our team…. You crafted a speech that would be most effective for our group and it definitely was. Thanks for doing a terrific job.” CS, Assoc. Regional VP, Helms Briscoe

“You came highly recommended as a dedicated community servant and highly qualified speaker on volunteerism and social change. And those recommendations were absolutely on target!…Your ideas, questions and enthusiasm and interest were contagious. You clearly wanted to learn as much as you could about our members….Your interactive exercies built the energy in the room and led to some vibrant dialogue…..Snowden, you are a true professional, an outstanding speaker and an inspiration.” LZ, Assoc. of Fundraising Professionals


” Snowden McFall’s closing [keynote] session met most every requirement of an excellent talk–offering personal anecdotes, humor, share interests, (she talked on a variety of subjects so she covered something for most everyone), empowerment, interactivity with the audience (even asking someone on stage and talking to people in the audience), camaraderie and respect for the audience, powerful moral and heartfelt truisms, advice, compassion and an innate understanding of her audience. It was a great way to close the conference.”VH

” When I met you… I was struck by your professionalism and enthusiasm. I felt certain you would be an excellent keynote speaker for our Diversity Awards luncheon and you proved to be exactly that. You stepped up to the plate very quickly…You did a thorough job researching our Diversity initiatives … your interviews yielded meaningful reference points in your program…Your focus on sustaining their enthusiasm while preventing burnout was highly valuable….Your closing story…was very powerful and a perfect way to remind our employees how special they are and what a difference they make. You did an outstanding job on the keynote speech; you created a program that was both significant and valuable for our employees.” EG, BlueCrossBlueShield of Florida

“As a meeting planner who handles over 80 different events every year, I am accustomed to working with a variety of speakers. What I appreciated was that you checked in regularly, came to our conference early to get to know our members and spent quite a bit of time… interviewing several different nurse executives… to truly understand the issues they face… You created a program that was directly relevant, meaningful and personal. You facilitated their ability to glean insights from each other and do peer-to-peer sharing…You met our instructional objectives with ease…Your highly interactive style, inspirational stories, intriguing new data on stress and dynamic approach made quite a positive impression on our members….Excellent.” R.P., Director, Continuing Education

” As a meeting planner, I’ve seen Snowden speak 5 different times from a keynote speech to teambuilding to stress management and presentation skills trainings, and each time she was outstanding. She is very knowledgeable in her speaking topics. Her material is stimulating, valuable and immediately applicable. Her highly interactive, upbeat style engages the audience and her dynamism energizes them – or as Snowden would say ‘fires them up’. Snowden is also genuine and completely in tune with her audience, which is one reason she was ranked as the top speaker at N.FL MPI last year. She’s terrific.” AU, Destination Planning Corp.

“Your Fired Up! presentation was inspirational, educational and fun. Thank you for a terrific job. What worked especially well was how you custom-tailored the program to our people’s needs. . Your excellent data about what customers really want and ways to improve made us think differently…. I have received nothing but positive feedback about the event. People left with a stronger sense of team and commitment. New ideas about communicating with clients and co-workers stimulated our people to grow …thanks for doing a wonderful job.” LA, Partner, Davis, Monk & Company (accounting firm)

“Snowden, thanks for an outstanding job…. You enlightened us all about burnout prevention. The stress quiz itself was very useful and the different tips and techniques are easy to put into practice immediately. Your sharing of your difficult background and relating how each person at DCF makes a big difference touched us all. …Blending in meaningful suggestions and humorous anecdotes with positive, interactive processes created just the right balance for the group. And finishing the day with fun, good-natured competition and celebration ended the event on a high note. There’s no question that the teambuilding event worked very well and provided a creative, playful way for people to learn more about each other…I loved that you wove powerful content about world class customer service into the program….Your genuine enthusiasm made an indelible impression and what people remember most is how you made them feel about themselves.”ND, District Administrator, DCF, Florida

” Thank you for your excellent presentation. You did exactly what I asked for, and proposed some interesting approaches. The net result of our session was that our teams developed 700 new cost-cutting ideas, which will save us between $60-$120 million. Your enthusiasm, wisdom, creativity and versatility made it all work.” G.S., Project Director, National Technology Manufacturer

I was confident when I hired you that you would do a great job as a keynote speaker…what I didn’t expect was the added a pre-planning consultant…You researched our business…your ideas, large and small made a substantial difference to the quality of the meeting.”T.B., Owner, T-Bones Restaurant Chain

“Your keynote addressed all the core issues of the community in a highly positive way…The interviews you did clearly influenced your content and depended the meaning and value of your speech. Your stories inspired and touched hearts, uniting disparate groups…. Thank you for all your support, enthusiasm and great presenting.” S.B, Exec. Director, Chester County Chamber, S.C.

“Your address, ‘In the Spirit of Service, Fire Up Your Volunteerism’, was extremely well-received…This was the first time we had a keynote speaker and I can honestly say you have set a standard and precedent for us to measure against in the future.” N.M., Public Service of NH

“You were the perfect choice to be a keynote speaker at the Bankers Educational Forum…. As you know, dealing with difficult customers was one of the issues plaguing our members. Your strategies for overcoming that obstacle were very helpful and well-received. Your participatory exercises got everyone up and involved; the laughter and enthusiasm reverberated through the room.” D.D., Bankers Educational Forum

“…the excellent job you did at the teambuilding and marketing session for our group. I was astonished at how quickly you were able to assimilate our needs, assess our department and prepare a program that exactly fit the bill of what I was looking for… Snowden, you are clearly a great communicator..By the end of the day, … a greater sense of trust and teamwork had been established…you were quite simply ‘awesome’.” D.B., Sybase

“On behalf of the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association, I wanted to commend you on a job well done at our annual meeting. I wanted to particularly compliment your practice time management tips, your use of human interest and personal stories, your efforts and audience participation, your use of humor, your background work in preparing for your presentation and your cheery and enthusiastic nature, which was infectious to us all. “Den Gardner, Executive Director, TOCA”

Thank you for your outstanding presentation at the YMCA Women’s Conference. Your opening session was very well-received and very credible! The Time Management Session was also excellent and widely enjoyed by all of the participants. I also appreciated your attention to detail and professionalism as we worked on the conference planning.” B.J., NY YMCA Women’s Conference

“The time management seminar you designed for us was highly informative, interactive and effective. We have incorporated your “mind-mapping” and “visualization” techniques as well as the many other facets of the training and seen measurable results….Thanks again, Snowden.” Frank Clark, President, Lewis and Clark

“Your insightful presentation to NHRA-NH requires me to convey my personal thanks for your commitment to NHRA-NH and your outstanding presentation. You were ‘right on the money’ and hit on the key issues relating to conflict to which our members clearly responded. Your unique blend of sincerity, substantive value, and professionalism was personally motivating and sincerely appreciated.” E.C., NHRA-NH

“The response to your breakout sessions at Connections ’97 was nothing short of spectacular. Your presentation encompassed the unique combination of inspiration in its optimism and sense of direction in its forthright message. Your program truly mirrored the commitment and tenacity, the spirit and courage of the successful female entrepreneur. Connections ’97 was indeed a tremendous success thanks to you and Elizabeth Dole for your outstanding presentations. Your book, Fired Up! How to Succeed by Making Your Dreams Come True! is a celebration of the perseverance exhibited by each one of us on a daily basis…a handbook for life.”P.P., Conference Director, Elizabeth Dole Conference

“Thank you for your excellent presentation and workshop at the CFNH Annual Conference…Our evaluation forms were consistent with yours in awarding your program very high marks…I was impressed with your energy and positive tone. Your program reinforced our conference theme and your message had quite an impact on our audience. People look to CFNH to provide quality programs- you delivered and that makes us look good.” P.G., CEO, CFNH

“We just want to thank you for the excellent teambuilding training… You were extremely well-prepared and did a wonderful job getting the whole crew ‘Fired Up!’ We were especially impressed by how you custom-tailored the workshop to cover stress management, dealing with confrontations, effective listening and maintaining enthusiasm on the job. It also served us quite well to purchase copies of your new book. It is easy to read and uplifting and the tools and tips are very useful.”S.E., Exec. Director, Sunbridge Retirement Center

“It was a delight to visit with you at the Women’s ’97 Connections Conference. You seminar ‘Fired Up!’ was outstanding and highly motivational. My dream is to pursue my own business and I often think of you when I need to re-motivate myself along the path of achieving my goal….You are an inspiration and role model to so many and have the blessing of being able to positively affect so many people’s lives….At the end of your life, you will be able to say you empowered people to see and touch their dreams.” B.E.

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation you did…I particularly appreciated the way you met with me in advance and we planned the customized program together. You integrated our themes into your talk and assisted our professionals in gaining a fresh, new perspective on their work. As you well know, our professionals like interactive, fun and dynamic presentations. That is exactly what you gave us, and we had a great time….Your enthusiasm, professionalism, and warmth carried through everything, from beginning to end. Thank you for doing a terrific job for us.” B.L., President

“As president of a sales-oriented insurance agency, I am constantly searching for tools and techniques that will keep me and my growing staff motivated. At our annual sales meeting, I was surprised to discover that the motivational speaker was not the stereotypical athletic multi-million dollar producer, but an energetic, enthusiastic blonde named Snowden McFall. …She explained her desire to help people grow their business and … to help people visualize their dreams and achieve their goals. During her presentation, she used audience participation to demonstrate techniques….I was favorably impressed with her enthusiasm and her grasp of interpersonal skills and training concepts. As a result, I have asked Snowden to consult with me to help me with the continued growth and success of my business.” K.W., President, Kurt Wicks Allstate

“There was a definite improvement in the way our staff cooperated with each other and with customers after the training program. Employees stayed with the company much longer than they had in the past and their confidence levels were definitely improved. It worked so well that we are planning another training this fall for new staff members.” C.A., President

“Thank you for sharing your vibrant and dynamic personality with us. Your obvious adherence to time and stress management techniques in your business and personal life made your well-organized presentation to our CPS group most effective. The variety of practical and doable ideas and hints which you articulately communicated will serve us well… Thank you for an inspirational and motivational presentation that will have a lasting effect on us all.” Dr. J.A., Medical Clinic

“The staff have found the techniques and activities Snowden introduced to be very effective in their business and personal lives. We have implemented her suggestions in the management of the business, including the planners and the stress-reduction techniques. I felt the day was very productive for team-building and all enjoyed the workshop.”L.E. Exec. Director

“Snowden captivated the audience with her motivational presentation dealing with her philosophy that each person has the power to master his or her own destiny. Having overcome major obstacles on her journey to the success she now enjoys, Snowden imparts with humor and wisdom various techniques of tapping into the positive dynamism that we all possess but may not use.” N.H., HR Director