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Fire Up! Your Presentation Skills!
(especially helpful for Introverts)

HAPPINESS CD1 artMost everyone gets nervous when they have to give a presentation. In this comprehensive audio, you’ll learn:

• how to overcome fear, no matter who you have to speak to
• the most important things to know as you prepare
• the best tools to relax while you are speaking
• how to harness the power of body language
• the winning formula for a good speech
• how even introverts can become excellent speakers

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Each is 60-90 minutes long, available as mp3 or CD

The Fired Up! Woman’s Guide to Success™ Audio Series

Are You Ready to Be More Confident, a Better Networker, a Stronger Marketer, More Positive and More Successful? This exciting audio series is designed to help you have greater confidence, prosperity, joy and life balance than ever before. Become a Fired Up! Woman !

Audios on:
• Self-Esteem and Confidence
• Overcoming Holiday Stress
• Marketing ( with comprehensive worksheet)
• Effective Networking and more
• For more details, go here
Each is 60-90 minutes long, available as mp3 or CD Each MP3 is only $20, CD’s are $25 each

Self-Esteem and Confidence

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Overcoming Holiday Stress 

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Effective Networking 

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Stress Express! Instant Relief Package

The ideal toolkit to help you overcome stress with research-backed hands-on techniques. Starting with the Stress Express burnout test, the Stress Express book plus 3 great audios including an instant relaxation audio, playsheets and more.

StressExpressmockupLRseStress Express! will help you:

• Determine how close you are to burnout
• Do more of what you love on a regular basis & create a more fulfilling, joyful life
• Take immediate action to reduce your stress levels
• Create strategies to prevent future stress
• Overcome past limitations and break negative stress habits
• Promote your positive self-esteem
• Apply 10 quick tips for staying “Fired Up!”
Quickly digest and apply the short, easy to read chapters
Stress Express! Will Help You Take Charge of Your Stress Immediately

Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive “As a busy mom of four and home-based business owner, speaker, author, PTA President, church member…(you get the idea), I was excited to get my hands on this book. Full of great examples and actionable ideas, I can immediately implement several of these practical suggestions for decreasing my stress level! (The chapter on optimism alone is worth the price of the book!)” Carrie Wilkerson, On-Line Marketer, Author, The Barefoot Executive

The Stress Express! Instant Relief Package Includes:

-The 76 page Stress Express book: Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers
– The Stress Express Instant Relaxation™ Audio download – 20 minutes of peace!
– Overcoming Holiday Stress™ Audio download – 60 minutes of practical ways to cope with the unique stresses of family holidays
– The 60 minute audio “Stress and Change: Moving from Fear and Frustration to Fired Up!” webinar replay
– The Stress Express Burnout Test™ to see how close you are to burnout
– 15 Fun Favorites™ Playsheet to help you do more of your favorite activities
– Stress Express™ Affirmations to keep you on track
– Stress Express! Instant Relief Package for you-
a $125.95 value- only $79.95

STRESS EXPRESS! Instant Relief Package

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If you prefer just to buy the book and not the package:

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Fired Up! How to Succeed by Making Your Dreams Come True

The original motivational book with a step by step action plan to make any dream come true. Chock full of inspirational stories and uplifting quotes. Perfect for entrepreneurs, people making changes in their lives, college students or anyone who wants some extra motivation.

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The Fired Up!  Guide to Success™ Audio Series

Great audios to help you achieve greater success, joy and stress relief.

Stress & Change: Moving from Fear & Frustration to Fired Up!


Change is a constant source of stress.  In this recording, you’ll:
Determine how close you are to burnout and how to spot it in others
• Learn the top 5 stress relievers to reduce your stress 
• Discover fast ways to rev up your energy
• Create strategies to cope with change in positive ways


The Find Your Happiness & Dramatically Improve Your Business Success™ Package

• 5 different Find Your Happiness mp3 recordings or CD’s filled with actionable content

• a 12 page Find Your Happiness Workbook filled with practical tips, tools and exercises to help you regain your joy, increase your happiness and expand your optimism

• 4 Group Coaching Question and Answer calls on Happiness-click for dates and times

• weekly emails on happiness for 2 months after the order

• The free report: The Top 20 Tips to Get and Stay Fired Up!

• A Free Chapter from Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers

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Wholehearted Success!

In this book, you’ll learn from top business experts, and professional speakers how to grow your business and:

  • how to overcome adversity
  • how to deal with difficult people
  • how to redefine your success
  • how to learn from your mistakes
  • how to value what’s really important
  • how executive coaching can impact your life
  • how to be the best leader you can.

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Exceptional Accomplishment

An exciting business book to help you accomplish more in less time and create your ideal professional life. A compendium of authors from National Speakers Association come together to share their best tips! Snowden’s chapter is “Stay Fired Up! and Prevent Burnout”



Make it Happen Toolkit, Quick Start Guide and Audio Guide

What if you could Learn Step By Step how to Create Success in Any Area of Your Life?

With the Fired Up! Make it Happen Toolkit, Quick Start Guide and Quick Start Audio, It’s Easy to Take Action on Your Goals….

More info

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Fired Up! Bookcover

Fired Up! Creed

This inspirational creed from the last page of
“Fired Up!” reminds you to believe in your
dream and keep taking action.

FIRED UP! CREED (framed) $9.95
FIRED UP! CREED (unframed) $2.00

Fired Up! Bookcover

Radiance & Power Action Cards ®

Unique affirmation cards with 3 different
action options on how to implement the
affirmation. Themes include: Power, Joy,
Wealth, Gratitude, Love, Play, Radiance, Health, etc..


Fired Up! Affirmation Brochure

Completely different from Radiance & Power cards is this brochure which features affirmations specifically designed to keep you “Fired Up!”

FRAMED $9.50

Fired Up! Bookcover

Fired Up! Bookcover

Fired Up! Acronym

A great inspirational tool to keep at your desk. Taken from the book.

FRAMED $10.50

Fired Up! Make Your Dreams Come True Program

The step by step guide to helping you clarify your dream and make it come true, with guided visualizations, motivational stories, practical tips and tools to  accelerate your success.

263 Page book, comprehensive workbook, 7 audio cd’s and 1 DVD
plus 2 individual coaching  calls  and 1 Q&A group call with Snowden McFall

  You’ll learn to:

•  In 1 simple exercise, immediately clarify what you want and don’t want in your life
•  Tap into the power of your natural enthusiasm to do what you love on a regular basis
•  Easily discover your true life purpose and  create a more fulfilling, joyful life
•  Crystallize your dream in vivid detail  through visualization
•  Explore creative tools like dreammaps, dream collages & dreambuilding
•  Make progress on your dream with the powerful & easy “Fired Up!” Action Plan
• Use affirmations & action options to accelatate your success & overcome myths & blocks
• Avoid the biggest mistakes that can thwart your dream
• Ignite your fire and sustain enthusiasm with 37 power principles of success
• Expand your self-definition and  positive self-esteem by using  the circle of completion
• Ask for help clearly and courageously and tap into others’ expertise
• Overcome challenges in innovative ways & do the seemingly impossible
• Stay inspired by the hundreds of real life success stories throughout the book
• Discover how you can make a real difference in the world

The Fired Up! Make Your Dreams Come True Program™  by Snowden McFall

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All are PDF files, Acrobat 5.0 or higher.

 Each Article is $9.95

How to Heal Stress and Burn-Out and Get Fired Up! Again™

The American Psychological Association says 80% of American workers are burnt- out. If you’ve ever thought you might be a workaholic or are so tired you can’t do anything, this in-depth article is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • the difference between burn-out and stress
  • the warning signals of burn-out :an exercise to see how stressed you really are
  • how to determine the key causes of stress in your life
  • 12 specific action steps to relieve burnout and get Fired Up!

 In-Depth Article #1 – $9.95


Ignite Your Greatness-Expand Your Self-Esteem and Self-Definition™

All of us have some box of self-definition- what we believe ourselves to be and what we think we are capable of. The most successful people in the world, from Olympic athletes to Fortune 500 CEO’s to wonderful parents all have big boxes of self-definition. If you have dreams you never dared go for because you didn’t believe in yourself, this article can help you shed your limiting thinking and go for your dreams.

You’ll learn:

  • how to define yourself as a winner
  • how big is your current box of self-definition- a quick exercise
  • 10 tips to improve your self-esteem and self-definition
  • how to get positive feedback and learn to expand your box
  • how to do something you never dared try before

In-Depth Article #2 – $9.95



Persistence and the Power of Completion™

All too many people quit on themselves and their dreams. Part of this goes back to incompletes in their lives- promises they have made to themselves and others and not kept. Every book that you have started and not finished is an incompletion. Every task that is waiting to be finished is an incompletion. Every phone call you need to make personally or professionally is an incompletion. Over time, all these incompletions add up and paralyze you with self-doubt and frustration. In this compelling article about persistence and the power of completion, you’ll learn:

  • the circle of completion and how it can give you powerful energy
  • great stories of others who went for their dreams and persisted against all odds-and succeeded!
  • how to clean up your home environment, remove clutter and say goodbye to incompletions

In-Depth Article #3 – $9.95


Dream Collages as a Key to Your Success™

Is there something you have always wanted to accomplish in your life but never done? Do you have big dreams but no idea how to bring hem into reality? Do you want more joy, prosperity, health and happiness in your life? Then a dream collage could be your answer. In this article filled with great stories and pictures of people using their dream collage, you’ll learn:

  • the power of visualization
  • the key ingredients to a successful dream collage and how you
    must put a photo of yourself on the collage to be successful
  • how to create your own collage with key words and images
    tied directly to your dreams

In-Depth Article #4 – $9.95


Note: Radiance and Power Cards®are the perfect companion to this article

Fire Up Your Affirmations with Action Options™

Most successful people know about affirmations- positive statements you say to yourself to help change your internal programming. Statements such as: “In every way, I am getting better and better” can be powerful self-talk. But what many people don’t realize is that affirmations are much more likely to be effective and be securely implanted in your consciousness if you tie them to action options. Learn:

  • the power of choice
  • how to create action options for every key affirmation you uses
  • how others’ action options have led to success on their path

In-Depth Article #5 – $9.95


Make the Most of Every Minute-Time Management Tips™

Time is one of our most precious resources. You cannot recapture yesterday and you don’t want to waste tomorrow. Procrastination is often an obstacle for many to overcome and lack of organization can also contribute to failure. In this highly practical article, you’ll learn:

  • how to set your true priorities
  • the value of a good time management system
  • what to look for and where to find a good time management system
  • no more to do lists
  • the top 6 things to do every day

In-Depth Article #6 – $9.95

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