Custom Presentations

No Motivational Speech is Ever Canned or Standard

Snowden McFall, professional motivational speaker, interacting with her audience.Every presentation done by Snowden McFall is customized for each client and event. That means interviewing key attendees in advance of the program and ensuring the presentation is totally aligned with the corporate goals for the event.

In addition to the popular keynote topics, many of her corporate clients have specific needs which require development of completely new keynote speeches or corporate trainings tailored especially to fit that company. These programs require substantial, in-depth program development to achieve client goals.

The customization includes:
• an assessment of the organization or department’s current issues and needs
• a extensive interviews with key company players
• extensive interviews withand audience attendees
• development of presentation/ training material unique to this organization
• debriefing after the event

The presentation is shaped and formulated specifically to meet your needs for the group. Sometimes those needs include surveys and videotaping; sometimes additional speakers are required.

Drawing from her extensive experience as an expert in business success strategies, including strategic marketing and planning as well as personal development and entrepreneurship, Snowden is well-suited to custom creating dynamic training solutions for your business.


“Thank you for a powerful and meaningful presentation. You did exactly what we asked and much more by bringing valuable content, enthusiasm, and a positive perspective to our team….I especially appreciate your thoroughness and dedication….You managed to interview a dozen client officers and meet with our regional manager…Those interviews served you well, as many participants commented on how much you knew about the company and the core issues facing our client officers….We received great feedback on your presentation from our attendees; they definitely got a great deal out of it.”
Pat Hughes, Senior VP. CDM (Engineering)

“Snowden, you did a wonderful job…from the in-depth nature of the material…you obviously tailored the entire program to our needs…. Excellent.” H.M., Pfizer

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