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A 2018 interview with Snowden about stress

A few key statistics:

Stress is epidemic in the United States and in most developed nations.  The Japanese use a term “karoshi”, which means death by overwork.  Stress costs US companies 10% of their annual earnings.  A typical employee with stress, back pain and depression missed nine weeks a year of work and can cost more than $5900 in lost productivity. (

80% of Americans are stressed and 50% need help managing it. Stress costs industry $300 billion annually. (Gallup) One third of all Americans are living with extreme stress.  The Bureau of National Affairs says that 40% of all job turnover is due to stress, and job turnover is VERY expensive for employers.

60% of work absences are due to psychological issues from stress and burnout. (American Psychological Assoc.) And 80% of all doctors’ visits are stress-related.

Fast Company says that 275 million workdays are lost each year due to stress.

Career Builder says 78% of all American workers are burned out- not just stressed.

Stress is linked to the six major causes of death: cancer, heart disease, lung diesasem accidents cirrhosis and suicide.

An expert on stress, Snowden McFall has done a meta-analysis of over 650 studies on stress, burnout and productivity.  She is frequently sought-after to speak on stress, women and burnout and is currently writing a book on women and overwhelm.  Her book Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers, shares the most meaningful of the research and practical tips and tools to overcome stress.

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