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Snowden customizes each coaching journey to the individual’s goals, whether that involves enhancing leadership skills, becoming amore confident presenter, increasing profitability, secur- ing a new role, or simply reducing stress. By leveraging her keen intuition and emotional intelli- gence, she not only targets professional growth but also personal development, empowering her clients to realize their full potential and achieve a higher quality of life.

Client Testimonials
“The coaching Snowden does is nothing short of amazing! I’ve seen her coach [people] who were already good speakers and make them incredible. I’ve also seen here coach a monotone speaker and teach them speech structure, vocal variety and storytelling so moving that the audience cried. Time and time again, she helps [people] soar to the next level. Her caring approach, coupled with specific strategies and her Fired Up! enthusiasm all add up to astonishing results. You’ll learn so much from her.” Kelly Youngs, Founder and President, “She is Fierce” Global community

“As a 20 year veteran police officer, I’ve been afforded so many opportunities over the years to speak .. I was very intimidated and nervous to work with such an accomplished, world-renowned professional speaker. I’m so blessed that that fear didn’t stop me … I am a better speaker and person because of Snowden…. Her warm and nonjudgmental spirit immediately created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and openly share my weaknesses. She has a keen eye and was able to help me to identify areas where I could improve. She didn’t hesitate to recognize and celebrate my strengths. She also didn’t let me off the hook when I wanted to shy away from tough practice. The coaching I have received and continue to receive has been invaluable and noticeable to those who know me best. Because of the quality coaching I have received, I feel more confident and FIRED UP!” Lakesha Burton, Former Assistant Chief, Sheriff’s Office, Florida

“What a powerhouse of knowledge! I initially signed up with Snowden because I wanted help developing my speaking career, but I got so much more than that during our time together. From critiquing my videos and helping me improve my presentations, to coming up with ideas for a re-brand; from working on a Speaker One Sheet to coaching me on my Money Mindset, we covered many areas that I needed to improve. The result was that I achieved so much more than I expected. Snowden truly knows her stuff and I always came away from our sessions with pages of notes and a ton of ideas. Snowden is creative, compassionate and really cares about her clients, a true professional and delightful to work with. She really “fired me up” to take the next steps in building my business.”
G.Jones, Professional Speaker, United Kingdom

“After 25 years of internal operational management, moving into the public role of Publisher was outside of my comfort zone. For me, public speaking was a fear to be overcome… Snowden coached me through every aspect of this transition. Her advice and counsel as a trusted adviser was and is invaluable in overcoming challenges and reaching new goals. She has so many tools in her toolbox. She is an idea generator, a powerhouse of creativity.
Snowden goes above and beyond for her clients. She is centered in excellence, incredibly insightful, she speaks with truth and kindness to empower you to be the best version of yourself. Snowden’s coaching has made me a better leader, a more confident representative of our brand and overall healthier woman with the ability to achieve anything I put my mind to.”Angela Campbell, Publisher, Jacksonville Daily Record

“A year prior to my collaboration with Snowden, I grappled with a lack of confidence in a role I had long aspired to, leading the financial operations of a global company….I sought help from numerous books, live seminars, and videos aimed at boosting confidence and self-esteem, but nothing worked.

This is when I turned to Snowden… She introduced me to various tools that facilitated a deeper understanding of myself. Her unwavering focus was always on my strengths and what I could control. She challenged me constructively, never tearing me down. Her approach was gentle yet candid. In a personal context, Snowden … had my back unfailingly and was committed to seeing me blossom. I am happy to say that I now own my strengths, know my value and believe in my capabilities. My self-esteem is stronger than ever and I know I bring great wisdom and expertise to my position. M.M., Global Company

“During our coaching together, Snowden gave me valuable stress management tools to help me come into greater balance, take more time off, and enjoy my life more. She also shared productivity tools on time management and strategic planning as my practice grows. Most of all, her speech coaching enabled me to craft more effective webinars and presentations with memorable stores and case studies. I learned about setting up my in house studio, vocal variety, pacing, content and speech structure. Her marketing insights helped me develop a powerful credibility statement and a strong call to action. Thank you, Snowden, for all your insights.” Laurie Lee, attorney, owner, The Legal Department

Working with Snowden has been nothing short of amazing. There is truly an art to public speaking and as a 25+ keynote speaker, Snowden knows all the in’s and out’s of speaking and how to pass her knowledge on to others. Talking about human trafficking and the healing process can be gut wrenching, but under Snowden’s coaching I was able to take a very difficult subject and infuse it with Hope. Delivering highly practical tips, tools and concepts, she does so with compassion, wisdom and deep support. She walks beside you every step of the way, cheering you on, course correcting you and lifting you up.
…She has made a substantive difference in not only how I speak, but how I carry myself as well. Others have commented on my poise, strength and groundedness since I have been being coached by Snowden. Snowden coaches the whole person, not just addressing public speaking and that makes all the difference. Now I feel more powerful and purposeful when I present. My organization, vocal variety, pacing and body language have definitely improved. I now have a whole toolkit for speaking, thanks to Snowden. ” Kristin Keen, Founder and CEO, Rethreaded

“As a new business owner and clinician, the idea of marketing, media, and speaking skills were completely foreign concepts to me. … I knew needed on-camera coaching so I immediately called Snowden and I’m so glad I did!! She taught me presentation skills training, media coaching and on-camera speaking. I sent her a ton of previous videos that she diligently watched to give me feedback and taught me so much about camera angles, voice intonation and how color and patterns are different on screen.

She was invaluable in helping me laser my content to moderating my speaking speed and helped me develop short branding statements that truly reflect my core messaging. Her enthusiasm and passion helped me overcome any self-criticism and adopt the right mindset to feel confident. When I went to shoot the TV reel, all of her tips and guidance paid off! “ Carol Chiang,Founder and President, Evolving Homes

“Snowden has a knack at making people feel emboldened by their personal and career development; her coaching methods transcend into building self-confidence, reducing fear, and capitalizing on a stronger sense of finding your authentic self. These are the key elements that have been an aid in ensuring I continue to grow within my space as an influential leader on a national stage.” Kaitlyn Chana, Practice Administrator, Texas Children’s Hospital

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