Do You Live In One of America’s Most Stressful Cities?

Here’s What To Do if That’s the Case

Stressed out Woman from Fired Up! and Stress ExpressA new study ranks the most stressful cities in the US, based on divorces, commutes, unemployment rates and crime.  The most stressful cities are Tampa, Las Vegas, Miami, Jacksonville, and Detroit.  The least stressful are Pittsburgh, Virginia Beach, Cambridge, Mass., Nassau-Suffolk,  NY, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

So what can you do if you live in a stressful city?

Implement one of these top 5 stress relievers:

1. Get more sleep- you need at least 7 hours a night every night. Less is a carcinogen according to the WHO.

2. Go on vacation at least 2X a year without cellphone& laptops.

3. Exercise daily for at least 20 minutes. It’s a terrific stress reliever & keeps you healthy.

4. Drink lots of water throughout the day.  40% of North Americans are dehydrated.

5. Volunteer- giving back gives your perspective, changes your focus, and helps you appreciate your life.

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