Resources to Help Stay Safe with Covid-19

How to Stay Safe During This Crisis

Holding the hand of anotherThe most important thing to remember during this difficult time is to not let fear take over.  When we react rather than respond, we make poor decisions that often backfire.  When we approach a crisis from a place of preparation and confidence, we are much better equipped to deal with whatever comes our way.

The resources below are provided to assist.  I am not a doctor, and this is not intended as medical advice.  These are various tips I have gathered from sources I trust, and have used to prepare my family.  What you choose to do is strictly your choice.

This is a great article with suggestions of supplements to take to prevent Covid-19 or any deep flu.  The most notable of these is Elderberry, which is said to be powerful in preventing the virus from spreading in your system. You can get in in mot grocery stores, health food stores, etc.

9 Nurtirents to Help Protect Against Corona

Vitamin Shoppe sent out this quick do it yourself way to make your own hand sanitizer:




Grocery Shopping

I read recently that the best time to go to the store to get needed supplies like disinefctant and toilet paper is early in the morning, because stores restock overnight.  I found that to be true myself.

Check on Your Neighbors and the Elderly

More than ever, the time for kindness and sharing is critical.  There are many people who live alone and need someone to help them.  If you are shopping anyway, why not offer to help someone who is infirm or ill?

We can all get through this with compassion, courage and a positive outlook. Prayer helps, meditation helps, preparation helps.  Most of all, believe in the goodness of humanity and demonstrate that.

God bless you all.  My love to you.