Change Your Focus: Look for the Good

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At a time when there is so much divisiveness and polarization, it's important to remember that there is a great deal of good going on.  I believe that people are fundamentally caring, and the stories below demonstrate that.  I'm wishing you a glorious holiday season and I'm grateful you are one of my readers.  I'd love to hear from you!

• In Jacksonville, Fl:  Shaquille O’Neal, with Duval County Public Schools, the Henry and Zach Crocklett Foundation and  Rhodes Graduation Services, brought gifts and food to needy families in need this week. This happens through the Turkey & Toys Districtwide Partnership.

• In Maryland, the DARCARS dealership erased $25,000 of school lunch debt.

• A baby who had been abandoned at birth next to a dumpster has gone on to be a $62 million entrepreneur finding solutions in the tech industry.  He also created a tracking device for those with Alzheimers. Freddie Figgers says The best thing any human being can do is influence another one."

• A 93 year old toymaker, Ed Higinbotham of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, donated 300 wooden trucks to the state police this month.

• Actor Morgan Freeman has devoted his 124 acre ranch to saving the bees, and saving the planet.

• Miss USA, Miss Teen America, Miss America and Miss World are all black women this year.  A wonderful trend of diversity!

• A British scientist who developed a new drug for ovarian cancer has donated her share of the profits, £31 million, to charity.

• And a couple who get engaged at Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, from South Africa, and were subsequently shamed by critics on social media, got the surprise of their lives.  McDonald's bought them a honeymoon to Capetown, a jeweler provided wedding rings, Huawei provided new phones and KFC paid for the whole wedding!


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And if you'd like to learn more about kindness, here's a segment from my tv show Ignite Success!

Kindness Enrichs Your Life


Want More Energy & Effectiveness?

3 Simple Steps to Have More Energy

Stressed woman on folders: Stress Express

"I just can't seem to get moving the way I usually do.  I'm exhausted and have way too much to do.  I feel like I'm dialing it in at work and at home. I need more energy!" Does this sound like you?  A million things to do, not enough hours in the day.  You may find you  just don't have the energy you need to be fully effective at work, fully present with your family and loved ones, and able to bring your best self to your community.

Here's What  To Do
1. Create a New Morning Routine

woman exercising

What you've been doing in the past is not working now.  So start over.  First thing out of bed, move your body in some way Stretching, yoga, walking, working out.  Get your body moving. A great deal of research days this will double your productivity, mental clarity, and effectiveness.  And track it every night- what did you do and for how long.

And while you do it, listen to something that inspires you.  It might be an inspirational podcast, an ebook, a daily devotional- just not the news or anything about your work! Do not check email for another hour.  You're not ready for it.

Eat something healthy.  Something that fuels you for your day. Add in the appropriate vitamins and supplements.  I usually have an organic blueberry, steamed kale smoothie with chocolate almond mile plus eggs and quinoa. Email me at if you want the recipe.

Look at your calendar and visualize success at each point in the day.  Who do you need to be your best self for?  What preparation do you need to do?  See the outcome for the highest good of all.

2. Learn Something New

Do you have a hobby you love but rarely do?  Is there something you have always wanted to learn?  Now is the time to schedule that in.  We get new energy when we are learning new skill sets- it excites our brain and creates a freshness in our lives. Look at continuing education courses at local colleges- most start up in January.  Or go on line for the next level of education in your favorite hobby.  Start growing again. I've just signed up for a six month training program on line and I am loving it!

3. Take Quiet Time

Science has shown that quiet and silence are critical for our brain to recharge, just as is sufficient sleep.  Schedule in at least a half hour a day of quiet, even if that means you give up something else. (hint: not sleep-your brain needs at least 7 hours a night)  Don't turn on any device, don't talk on the phone, just be quiet.  An ideal place to do this would be in nature, sitting by moving water of some sort or near trees.  This stillness will center you automatically, recharge you.

This is part one of two articles on boosting your energy.  Start making changes today and you will definitely see your energy improve. And let me know what you do- I'd love to hear from you.


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And if you'd like to learn more about prioritizing your life, here are three recent videos from my tv show Ignite Success!

Are You Super Busy?

Don't Let Others Control your time!

Kindness Enrichs Your Life

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Empathy is Key to Emotional Intelligence

Why Empathy Matters

empathy in actionImagine being a homeless teenager on the streets and no supplies.  Your food stamps don't cover them. Appalled and empathetic, Jan Healing created a non-profit called Renewing to provide period products to impoverished populations.  Her empathy resulted in action.

Empathy enables you to put yourself in someone else's shoes and to communicate that understanding back.  It's a critical skill in business and in life; you need  empathy for your clients, employees, co-workers, loved ones, and others in the world if you want to greater success and meaning.

How to Develop Greater Empathy

1. Cultivate curiosity about those different from yourself.  Ask questions, learn about their culture, their interests, their issues.

2. Challenge your own biases. Ask yourself why you think the way you do about certain people, or groups of people.  Is it valid, necessary or appropriate?

3. Volunteer at places where people are less fortunate than you.  You'll suddenly have much more compassion and gratitude for your blessings,

4. Travel outside your country and see how others live.  It can be very eye-opening.

5. Listen carefully to others' lives and experiences and share some of your hardships and concerns.  Be real.

6. Treat others as important, the way you want to be treated.

7. Ask if it's ok to offer help.  Some people will say no and some will be grateful.  Be humble and value them.

8. Always look others in the eye and treat them with dignity.

You can have better relationships in every area of your life if you take the time to develop empathy.

To watch a video on empathy:

Learn more about Renewing Dignity

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Reduce Your Stress Around Email

stressed out woman from Stress ExpressHow to Cut Down On Email Clutter

The Average employee gets over 12o emails ad day, most CEO’s receive 300+.  Eeks!!  How can you cope with that deluge of email on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips from my friend Dianna Booher, whose new book Faster, Fewer, Better Emails came out this week.

What to do:

  1. Read each email only once and either delete, put into action, reply or send to right person.
  2. Ask coworkers not to cc all.
  3. Don’t prolong responses with personal commentary that is meaningless.  Women often try to build relationships with email; this is not the place.
  4. Acknowledge receipt and respond with a plan: "I will get that report to you after I hear from Tom; you will have it by 3:00pm."
  5. Bow out after introductions.
  6. Don’t forward jokes, stories, etc. We all have enough distractions.
  7. Unsubscribe to ezines.
  8. Turn off alerts.A tip from me:
  9. Only check email 4-5 times a day.  First thing when you start work, before lunch, after lunch, mind-day and at end of day.  Don't take it home and don't read it before bed- it will wreak havoc with your sleep.  You train people how to expect your response.  If you respond immediately, they will always expect it.

You can handle your email in a way that works for you. Try these techniques and let me know if they helped!

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Seek and Celebrate the Good

A Month of Good News!

In a world all too frought with tragedy, bad news and polarization, it's critical to celebrate milestones and achievements.  Doing so reminds us of the essential goodness of the human spTop Women Igniting Successirit, and our ability to overcome. It shows us that our hard work has been worthwhile, and that we do, indeed, make a difference.

What in your life have you been celebrating? What has been exciting and meaningful in your world?

This month has been especially busy, with many great events and opportunities to be thankful. My nephew, Quint, graduated from college. I hosted the Top Women Igniting Success Awards, and volunteered for Read USA.

Honoring Those Who Contribute

The Top Women Igniting Success Awards. accompanied by the First Coast Symphony and Tara Winds from the Atlanta Symphony celebrated 35 women who have made outstanding contributions to our community.  We also acknowledged 4 Top Achievers who have gone above and beyond. Those women include Ellen Wiss, co-founder and CEO of Read USA Inc.,  Helen Jackson, founder of the Women of Color Cultural Foundation, Chris Schwing, Chairwoman/co-founder of the Jacksonville Women's Leadership Forum, and Ju'Coby Pittman of the Clara White Mission, which has made great strides in feeding and employing the homeless.

Ending Poverty

Did you know that 2/3 of children who struggle to read by the 4th grade end up in jail or on welfare!!!!  And 2/3 of impoverished homes have no books.  Ellen Wiss Read USA Inc at Hyde Parkand Vanessa Tussey co-founded Read USA Inc. years ago to address this very issue.   I had the privilege of volunteering this week at school book fairs where each child receives 3 free books to own! Donations are made from the community (we raised over $165,000) to pay for the books.  Amazingly, this only costs $10 per child for 3 free books.   We got books into the hands of 16,000 children this week,which means they will have books to read over the summer and stay engaged with learning!

This month, I witnessed the power of hard work, tenacity, learning and community fellowship.  Every day members of your community, my community, every community throughout the world, are making a difference.  Celebrate that and let that knowledge inspire and fire you up as you go forward.


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Do You Know the Signs of Burnout?

Are you on the edge of burnout?

stressed out woman from Stress Express

Today is National Stress Awareness Day, and people who are severely stressed on an on-going basis burn out. Burnout is a major problem all over the world. Japan has a term called “death from overwork” (karoshi) and over 30,000 deaths have been attributed to it.  Over 2000 Japanese workers committed suicide.

Americans work even longer than the Japanese. According to the American Psychological Association, 60% -80%of work absences are due to issues such as layoffs, longer work hours, stress and burnout. This accounts for over $300 billion of economic loss in lost productivity and health care costs.

Take this quiz to see where you are:

Check any that apply to you right now:

  1. You come home regularly dead-tired with little or no energy.
  2. You stay awake at night thinking about all the things you have to do.
  3. The concept of vacation is inconceivable to you- you have way too much to do to go away.
  4. You don’t have time to exercise regularly or participate in your favorite hobbies.
  5. You don’t have time for massages, haircuts, or personal care like doctor’s and dentist’s appointments.
  6. You snap at your loved ones and co-workers fairly often.
  7. You have very little patience with others and expect them to work as hard as you do.
  8. You are very critical, especially of yourself.
  9. You feel your life is out of control.
  10. You eat on the fly, often junk or fast food.
  11. You don’t like change and wish things were like the way they used to be.
  12. You feel unappreciated, unloved and undervalued.

If you checked 5 or more, you could be heading towards burnout.
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What to Do About it?

  1. Get help.  See a counselor, therapist, or coach.  Many of my coaching clients are hovering on burnout when I start working with them.  Change takes awareness and having an accountability partner.
  2. Go away for a technology break as soon as possible- like this weekend.  And plan a vacation within a month- again technology-free.  Trade houses if you need to, just take at least 7 days off from work.  Your brain and body need down time.
  3. Laugh as often and as much as possible.  Watch funny movies, listen to comedy stations, ask people about their funny stories.  One good belly laugh is workth 45 minutes of stress relief.
  4. Get more sleep- at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a cool dark room with no technology. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

For more stress tips, consider Stress Express 15 Instant Stress Relievers!  It's a quick read, inexpensive and all tips are researched backed.

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Overcoming One of the Biggest Stressors

Fear of the Unknown Creates Significant Anxiety

fear of the unknown is a big stressor

Fear of the unknown often plagues employers and employees alike, as well as parents and teens. Whether you're a CEO concerned about payroll, or a caretaker wondering how to handle your parent's latest medical crisis , fear of the unknown can absorb far too much of your time and energy. Not knowing what will happen and then projecting worry, or worse, catastrophizing, is a huge stressor for those who don't know how to handle it.

Here's what you can do to handle this stressor:

  1. Do a reality check. Worried about cash flow? Check your numbers carefully. Analyze receivables and projections, bills and outflow. If there truly is an issue, consider renegotiating agreements with vendors, tapping into a line of credit, or asking for help. Whenever you contract about money, make a written list of all you are grateful for right now. What are all the blessings in your life? Review them. That will shift your focus off of lack and into abundance. We create more of what we focus on.
  2. Put your attention on the present moment. One of the biggest stressors is worrying about the future, of what could happen. Most of the time, we cannot control what is going on in the world; we can only control our attitude. Stay optimistic and handle what you can right now, in your immediate future. Visualize a good outcome. The more progress you make today on your highest ROI activities, the better tomorrow will be.
  3. Take control of something small where you can see an immediate result. That might mean cleaning off your desk and filing all your documents. Or washing the dishes. Or completing a short report. Do something that gives you a sense of completion, and that will help you reframe your sense of futility and powerlessness. It will also get your moving physically, which shifts the negativity.
  4. Analyze challenging times in your past. How did you prevail? What or who got you through them? Reference previous successes and coping strategies, and employ them now to help you deal with the most recent stressor.

Know that you are incredibly resourceful, capable and powerful, when you set your mind and heart to it. Get clear about what's happening, ask for help, tap into your resources and previous strategies and you will thrive, no matter what the future brings.

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Amazing Women Making a Difference

Today is International Women's Day and there has never been a better time to recommit yourself to having an impact. Whether you know it or not, you do touch lives and inspire others, often without realizing it. By acting with integrity, being true to yourself, leading with courage and expressing kindness, you are a role model and an instrument of change.

A Few Great Women Doing Just That

One of the exciting new aspects of my life is the Ignite Success TV Show I am shooting every week, where I get to profile inspirational women leaders and provide a 5 minute motivational message.

Last week's show was so powerful because each of these women has made a huge difference in the world and continues to.

Kristin Keen, who started Rethreaded, a non-profit which gets women who have been human trafficked off the streets, into a full-time job, with support and therapy, was completely Fired Up! She shared that Project Runway All Stars had featured her non-profit on the show that aired in January, and Southwest Airline had donated enormous quantities of supplies for her women to turn into saleable merchandise . Rethreaded is now selling gorgeous gifts and accessories which change lives. And they have a new corporate gift program..

Ju'Coby Pittman has been the CEO/President of the Clara White Mission for 25 years and is the incumbent Councilwoman for District 8. She has been working to improve Jacksonville for over 30 years; by feeding the homeless and implementing vocational training programs for veterans, ex-cons, and the homeless with amazing results. With projects like Clara's at the Cathedral, a meal service catered by her people, and White Harvest Farm, an organic farm on the north side, Ju'Coby's work has impacted thousands! She's appeared on Oprah and the Today Show.

You, too, make a difference every day, whether you realize it or not. Every smile, every kindness, every time you help another, you are changing lives. Never forget that you have an impact and a purpose. I believe in you!

Ellen Wiss, philanthropist and president of Homekor Florida, is the co-founder of Read USA, which is dedicated to eradicating poverty through literacy. 2/3 of all children who struggle to read by 4th grade end up in jail or on welfare. This organization mitigates the problem by proving book fairs where children get to pick out their own books which they get to keep. This is so critical because 2/3 of homes in poverty have no books at all. This year the organization will host 35 book fairs and they need volunteers and donations.$10 will provide 3 books to a child. $100 willl provide books for 30 children. To donate or volunteer, go to


If you'd like to watch any of my tv shows, go to my youtube channel

4. Jacksonville-based Rethreaded featured on ‘Project Runway’

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Fire Up! Your Networking Skills!

Networking is About People and How You Make them Feel

I recently attended three networking events in one day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I observed some interesting behaviors.  At the evening reception, I encountered a woman I had met a few times and I smiled and said hello.  She greeted me with great enthusiasm and we hugged.  She then kindly introduced me to her group, saying nice things about me. She immediately put me at ease and I wanted to know all about her and her group.  We connected on Linked in after the event and I sent her a follow-up email.  She was an excellent networker and was delightful!

That was in contrast to a woman I saw at the networking luncheon, whom I said hello to.  We had a shared learning experience in common and I asked her about it, and she distractedly looked around the room, never really answered my question and made it abundantly clear she did not want to talk to me.  So I moved on.  Which woman made a bigger impression on me?  Who would I be more likely to refer business to?

Do's and Don'ts of Networking

Do come prepared.  Know who will be attending, research the group, have business cards, breath spray or mints.  Wear appropriate clothing- nothing too wild. Smile often.

Don't try to get as many business cards as possible -aim for quality not quantity.

Do aim to meet 3-5 people and have meaningful conversations where you ask them meaningful questions like:
- How long have you been in that industry?
- What do you like best about it?
- What trends or changes do you see happening?
- Describe your ideal client
- What would you say to someone entering the field?
- Have you got any vacation plans?
- Anything exciting coming up at work or home?

Do get their business card and follow up. A hand-written note is very rare and highly prized.  Reference what you learned abut them in the conversation.

Don't spend the whole conversation talking about yourself, even if they ask.  Keep redirecting the talk to them.  Add value. . Offer to connect them to others.  Find out what they need and refer others to them.  Be the source for them.

Don't gossip or speak ill of others, particularly your competition.  Take the high road.  If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it.

Stay in touch every 3-4 weeks.  Add value.  Send an article they might be interested in, invite them to lunch, send them a referral.  Build the relationship.

Networking can lead to great business opportunities or friendships, if you do it right. Come with the idea of helping others and you will always come out a winner.

Last two episodes of Ignite Success TV Show:

Global leader for women Teresa Meares

Protecting your family,

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*** Want to Change the World? Here’s How***

Making a difference: Building a garden at a local schoolYou CAN Make a Difference!

In today’s world of negativity, divisiveness, and polarity, it’s easy to get cynical and pessimistic. But you can impact the world and it’s easier than you think.  You have more power than you know and more ways to make a difference.

Here’s how:

1. Don’t indulge in actions and behaviors that upset you, like constantly watching the news or spending hours on social media. Focus on the good, like the story about a 13 year old indigenous girl being nominated for a peace prize.

2. Be the reason people believe in goodness. Be kind to others, regularly, every day.  Your very presence in smiling at others, lending a hand, opening a door, picking up someone’s burden, and assisting someone could make a world of difference.  It re-instills hope, it establishes connection, it builds relationships. Like the three boys who saved a suicidal man’s life.

3. Share uplifting stories, funny jokes, positive news.  Praise others specifically and publicly.  It will create a contagion of good will and shift the energy in the workplace. Dr. Laila Samiian in Jacksonville is using oncoplastic surgery to preserve breasts when treating breast cancer.

4. When you observe someone treating someone else poorly, whether on line or elsewhere, stand up to them.  When you hear lies being spread, speak up. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” Martin Luther King Jr.

5. Surround yourself with winners and seekers– those who are trying new things, developing solutions to problems and succeeding.  Avoid the ain’t it awful club. Share winner stories, like how local shero Kristin Keen’s organization which helps women victims of human trafficking, Rethreaded, was featured on Project Runway.

6. Send positive energy into difficult situations.  Whether you send the light, say a prayer, envision a positive outcome, send peace, your good thoughts can help.

7. Get excited about a cause and tie that into your purpose for being. I am passionately committed to liberating women from overload, because then they can share their gifts, talents and ideas with the world and make it a better place.  So I have a new TV show, Ignite Success! for women, and I have written a new book on women and overwhelm.  Line up your actions with your passions and you can have a big impact on whatever is important to you.

I am reminded of this great quote from Margaret Meade, because I believe it to be true. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

I believe in you, I believe in us, I believe in the good.  Harness your energy, ideas and creativity and make 2019 the year you have a bigger impact.


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5. 4 Ocean Employees have removed over 3million pounds of trash from the ocean

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