Who Do You Want to Be in 2019?

Creating a New and Improved You!

One of the great things about the new year is you get to start fresh.  Whether it’s relieve stress by celebrating successsculpting a new physique, starting a new project at work or taking some courses for a future dream, the new year signifies change and reinvention.  So who do you want to be in 2019?

Start with who you are now.  If you haven’t taken my personal SWOT analysis, you may want to do that now. Go here.

Then ask yourself these questions:

What do I want to be different in my life? Think about:
Health, Fitness, Career, Friends, Family, Relationship, Money, Spirituality, Stress, Mental Stimulation, Community Involvement, Learning

What do I love about my life and want to create more of?  Consider body, mind, spirit, and what you would like to add.

Who do you most admire and want to emulate?  Could you meet them and pick their brains? Now mull over the fact that you probably share many of their qualities and you have something great to offer them, too.

• What strengths do you have that you could develop further?

• How happy are you on a day to day basis?

• How stressed are you on a day to day basis?

Now what’s your plan for achieving that change or improvement?  If you’re not sure what to do next or how to proceed, join me on Jan. 12 from 10-2 in Jacksonville, Florida for Get Fired Up! for Success in 2019!

Imagine a year of success, prosperity, joy, and excellent good health. In this highly interactive, fun, and informative workshop, you’ll learn how to:

• identify what you truly want to happen in 2019
• create a compelling vision of your success
• develop realistic, measurable goals & chunk them into achievable steps
• track your successes easily in a way that makes you feel terrific
• overcome limitations and negative self talk!
• stay Fired Up! even when you get discouraged
• tap into physical anchors to re-energize yourself daily
• use a dream collage to stay focused on achievement
• maintain long-term success with Fired Up! Accountability Circles

We’ll cap off the program by getting started on our own dream collages and share lunch at Bonefish Grill.

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Date: January 12,2019
Time: 10:00-2:00pm
Place: Bonefish Grill, San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville,Fl
Registration: $149 per person;
         save $50 if you register by Dec. 20, 2018
(Discount will show on the cart page)
All materials for collage included; lunch is paid by each person
Call 904-200-6995 to register or for group discounts