Expect the Best of Others at Work and at Home

Are Looking for the Good or the Bad?

Remember the astonishing statistic that 88% of American workers NEVER receive thanks for the work they have done?  Some managers expect the worst of their employees.  They are constantly micromanaging them, looking for errors, hoping to catch them in a mistake.  This is one of the most destructive ways to lead.  Daniel Pink’s book Drive cites studies that show employees want autonomy, competence (the ability to improve) and a sense of purpose to their work.  State very clearly in writing what you expect of your people, review it with them so they understand. Show them the purpose and meaning behind their work. Support and empower them to do their jobs and expect them to succeed.

The same is true at home.  Expect the best of your children; don’t be suspicious and fearful. Let them know you believe in them, and their abilities.  Become their cheerleader in all areas.  You’ll be astonished at the results.


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