Can Entrepreneurs Save the World?

They are Changing the World and You Can Too

In this month’s issue of Forbes magazine, there are some compelling articles about how entrepreneurs are making a huge difference in the world.  I encourage you to pick up the issue and read it, because it is one of the most hopeful and encouraging news I have read in a long time.

An unlikely alliance, Bill Gates and Bono, have made huge strides in tackling HIV/AIDS as well as reducing severe illness around the world.  Today, there are 9 million people on AIDS medication, according to Bono, where in 2003, there were only 50,000.  Infant mortality worldwide is down substantially from 9.4 million to 7.2, in large part to the work of entrepreneurs pooling with charitable donors.

Paul Tudor Jones, Wall Street wizard, is making huge changes to education, starting in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY and expanding throughout NY.  His Robin Hood Foundation is making huge strides.  It’s built 62 libraries in public schools, provided relief after 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, and contributes to after-school, pre-school and postnatal care.

As an entrepreneur, you can adopt a local or international charity and make it the center of your company’s giving efforts.  Or you can give your folks time off to donate hours to the non-profit of their choosing.  You can match their donations. And you can contribute your ingenuity and time to a board, sharing your innovative concepts.  We can all make a huge difference in the world- one entrepreneur at a time.

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