A Toxic Employee Can Destroy Your Workplace

Fired Up! Employees Make A Huge Difference

In his book, Social Intelligence, Daniel  Goleman writes about recent brain research:

"One person's inner state affects and drives the other person....We. actually catch each other's emotions like a cold."

The more significant the relationship is, the greater the impact on the other person.  This is why toxic relationships with people who yell or demean us truly make us ill, and why loving, nurturing people make us feel better.

The implications of this research on the workplace are staggering.  You can no longer afford to let that bad apple with the lousy attitude stay on board. He or she is literally poisoning your business.  Angry, hostile managers actually demotivate their employees.

When I first opened my business over 28 years ago, negativity and badmouthing were grounds for firing in my policy manual. I encourage my people to come to each other or to me work things out.  But a bad attitude just does not work for anyone.  You can always train people skills but negativity is a poison that can do great damage to your workplace.

Social intelligence means giving undivided, caring attention to others, demonstrating interest and empathy.  This is what builds relationships and what generates employee enthusiasm and loyalty. So give careful attention to the relationships you are building and the corporate culture you are promoting. Reward others and praise others specifically and publicly. Have a success board of company victories. Celebrate small successes along the way.  Keep Fired Up! people around and your organization will ignite with growth and goodwill.


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