Get People Fired Up by Expressing Gratitude

Praise Others and Say Thank You

According to the US. Department of Labor, 46% of all people who quit do so because they felt they are not appreciated for the work they do. According to James Howard, 92% of workers say that when they finish a project, their supervisors say NOTHING!  88% of American workers never get a thank you for the work they do.

Thank you notes keep employees Fired Up!Now obviously, you are not that kind of leader or manager, but this data speaks to the very real need for positive feedback, often and in writing. Employees need to know you value their ideas and work.  Be sure to be specific about what they did and let them know you value them.  A simple quick praise on a post-it note, a hand-written card, or a laudatory email sent and copied to others make a big difference.  A $5 Starbucks card has big impact.  Stock up on small items your people value and use them often.  In this day of tough economies, you might not be able to give them a raise, but you can give them a well deserved thank-you.

Make it part of your internal retention strategy to actively acknowledge others’ efforts. The rewards will be substantial.


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