70% of American Workers are Disengaged at Work

Which Means They Are Not Happy and Not Productive- What Can You Do?

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One of the most important areas to focus on when dealing with disengaged employees is really very simple:  Tie their work to your purpose.

Research on happiness shows people are most joyful and effective when they believe that what they do makes a difference.  Show them how the end results of their work benefit others.  What is the purpose of your business or corporation?  How does it make the world a better place?  How do they contribute to that?

Give very specific and clear examples of how their work directly impacts the lives of others. Let them know that every effort, no matter how small, results in this impact.  Give them a reason to come to work every morning and to share their enthusiasm.

Consider how to tie work to purpose:

• posting photos in the employee lounge of those who benefit from the work

• posting stories in employee Intranet about how the company makes a difference

• sharing testimonials from customers/ clients/ recipients of the work


Source: 2013 Gallup poll

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