Your Personal SWOT Analysis

Once a year, at least, take the time to assess where you are in your life, in all key areas: mental, physical, financial, spiritual, relationships, family. Take note of improvements you want to make and changes that need to happen.

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As we approach the end of another year, we do all sorts of planning and strategizing about our work and companies. But what about a personal assessment of where you are? Consider doing a SWOT analysis of your own life.
As a reminder, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Take a few hours on your own to do this. Here’s how:


• What strengths have you developed this year? Acknowledge areas where you have grown and expanded your capabilities. Reflect on personal and professional successes and what was required to achieve them. Which strengths did you employ? What 3 areas you would like to develop more? Include those in your plan for 2019.


• Where have you fallen short, personally and professionally? Which emotions or self-destructive habits have sabotaged your achievements? Are you impatient, quick to judge, self-critical? Do you procrastinate or linger in indecision? Pick 3 weaknesses you choose to change in 2019.


• Consider the roads not taken. What personal and professional opportunities you have denied yourself? Is there a course you want to take? Is there a hobby you want to pursue? Is there some place you want to travel? Set an intention for 2019 to take advantage of those opportunities.


• What threatens your happiness and success? It might be your health or not taking care of yourself. It might be your negative self-talk or attitude. It might be a lack of support. It might be the people you are spending your time with. Resolve to do something about those threats to ensure you have a great 2019.

You have the chance to make 2019 an incredible year. You are in control of your destiny and you are extraordinary. You deserve a great new year. Make it happen.


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