Stress Express Tip: Get Lost in Someone Else’s Life

Relieve Your Stress by Being  Present in the Moment

When your life is too much to take, whether from business pressure or challenges at home, go visit a friend and be totally present for them.  Spend time helping prepare a meal, rebuilding a shed, playing with their children or pets- step into their lives for a day.

I did this when I went out of town to lead a stress management program.  A  friend of mine kindly let me stay at her home.

Giggling, bouncing 7 and 9 year old girls greeted me along with a very friendly golden retriever and a clever black and white cat. ( This cat can open doors by turning the doorknob!) They wanted to connect with me and I enjoyed meeting and learning more about them.  I forgot everything else in my life, came present and just enjoyed the moment.  And as I drove off to “Reignite the Fire” of others, I realized I had not thought about my life, my work or anything else but my friend and her family for several hours.  Refreshing & revitalizing!


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