Fire Up Your People By Including Them

Appreciate Your Employees & Give Them Feedback

In a study conducted by USA Today a few years back, the top three things that employees want are: interesting work, appreciation and being "in" on things. The U.S. Dept. of Labor said  46% of all people who quit do so because they felt they are not appreciated for the work they do.  And James Howard discovered that when asked what their boss or supervisor says when they finish a task or project, 92% said their supervisor said nothing!  88% of Americans say they are never thanked for their work.

What all this data means is that employees are HUNGRY for positive feedback.  And so are we as human beings.  We have a tendency to be very hard on ourselves and judge ourselves severely.

Daniel Pink, the author of Drive, says humans are motivated by autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Sometimes, the greatest  thing you can do in a given day is give your employees or co-workers a few minutes of sincere, specific praise. Try something as simple as "Thanks for the good work on that project" or "I really appreciated your comments in the meeting today-they were valuable." All too many employers save up their kind words for bonus time, instead of sharing them throughout the year.  Connect their work to the greater purpose they have, give them greater control over what they do, and help them become better at it.

Employees hate to be ignored, to be left out, and to feel unappreciated.  Be sure you take excellent care of your people, or you may lose them.


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