Fire Up! Your Business Standards

You Do Have the Power to Stop Negative Behavior

No matter what kind of professional you are, CEO, executive, business owner, doctor, lawyer, manager, you have the right and indeed, the responsibility, to set standards for your workplace.  Many fields have set standards already, from healthcare to law.  However you can go further.  You can set standards of excellence in work, but also standards in behavior and performance.

I was recently told, when discussing negative behavior of a high level professional, that "That's just how they are."  I simply don't accept that.

Screaming man who is very stressed outNo matter what level you're at, you are subject to behavioral standards and employment law experts agree.  It's very easy to build an "attitude, behavior and professional conduct" clause right into your policy manual and your employment contracts.  It needs to be specific and clear about what is acceptable and flexible enough to help you achieve your results.  It is not acceptable for anyone at any level to come in regularly in a bad mood, yell at the rest of the staff, complain and whine and make everyone else's day miserable.  That is unprofessional conduct and should not be tolerated.

Set the standards, put it in writing with your employment attorney, inform everyone,  and refuse to settle for anything less.  Good employees will be grateful and bad employees will leave- which is best for everyone.



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