Stress Express Tip: Remove Yourself from the Source

Escape the Negative Influencer

Other people are often the cause of our stress, whether they are upset about things that happen to them or outside world issues.  Sometimes our co-workers or loved ones bring their stress with them to work and are in terrible moods.

When that happens, one of the best things you can do is remove yourself from the source of negativity.  Give that person some breathing space, let them calm down and work through their worries and don't take it upon yourself to fix them.  Suggest that they cool down first if they want to talk.

If they come to you and ask for help, you can listen and calm them down.  Be sure to give physical space between the two of you and perhaps imagine an invisible shield in front of you, as a way of protecting yourself.  Don't take  on their anger or upset, or you will go out of balance, too.  Then nobody can see clearly and be effective.  Have empathy, try using Non-Violent Communication and let them vent, without absorbing it.

If you are constantly dealing with angry people, you will need to take breaks outside in nature, where you can let it all go.  Try to be near flowing water and let yourself breathe.  Imagine all the "stuff" you were subjected to just washing away.  At night, be sure to shower off that same crud.  It's amazing how much the negative energy of others can sap and drain ours.

Take good care of yourself and you will be more effective, healthier and happier, at work and at home.


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