Feed Your Brain Right

A Healthy Brain Impacts Everything

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-hard-day-image22576797Believe it or not, your brain is key to everything you do.  Your body couldn’t function without your brain, your decisions, communication and life choices couldn’t happen without your brain.  You can’t be truly happy or Fired Up! without a healthy brain.  And your brain has everything to do with stress.  Worry, anxiety, fear, sleeplessness- all related to our brains.  We take our brain for granted and Dr. Daniel Amen, brain specialist, says that’s a big mistake.  Here’s some food for thought:

the more you weigh, the smaller and less effective your brain– yikes!

• damage to the front of your brain hurts decision-making for the rest of your life, so that’s why helmets for skiers, bikers, etc are so critical for both adults and children

• less than 7 hours of sleep means low blood flow to the brain: you can’t think right.  Get at least 7 hours!

Stress Tip: Feed Your Brain the Right Activities & Food

You already know that ice cream, processed foods, sugary white foods are bad for you,
on so many levels.  They impact the way you handle stress, they impact your energy and blood sugar levels.  You can’t be motivated and happy with a poor diet.  Brain food is a healthy diet:

• lots of raw fruits and vegetables
• small protein meals throughout the day
• nuts and protein snacks at afternoon meetings to improve mental clarity.

Low blood sugar = poor decision-making.

Exercise is important, but include weight training twice a week.  The stronger you are as you age, the healthier your mind.  And do coordination exercises each week- ping pond, tennis, dancing are all great.


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