Are You Stuck in a Rut instead of Fired Up?

chargebkcoverHumans Need NEW to Keep Growing 

In his  book The Charge, Brendon Bouchard has some great suggestions about staying Fired Up!   The brain is hardwired for novelty and challenge and needs to be engaged to keep thriving.  Here are a few ways to incorporate new into your life and have a Fired Up! life, filled with motivation and fun:

90 day getaway – every 90 days go away and explore someplace you have not been, doing new activities. It does not have to be expensive- it just needs to be different.

Restaurant tour; explore dining establishments  you’ve never visited, try different kinds of food.  Exploring new places will keep you motivated

Spend time with new people – go to different networking or social events and broaden your circle.

Develop new skills – At home, my husband and I just installed a new glass tile backsplash in our kitchen.  It was challenging but fun, and we love the results.

To feel more Fired Up! about life, to keep growing and keep motivated, try doing new things.

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