Let Go of Control and Relieve the Stress in Your Relationships

Ignite the Fire of Good Communication with Others

business teamHuman beings are master control freaks; we all want what we want when we want it the way we want it- myself included. The problem is that other people have their own timetables and needs, and frequently, they conflict with ours.

An important lesson I continue to learn is to let go of control- on any level.  Any attempts to cajole, manipulate, demand or force your needs on friends or loved ones will most likely be met with resistance and negativity.

Consider this: how do you feel when a parent or relative demands you visit them or forbids you to do something? Like most people, you probably bristle and want to rebel.  The same is true of your loved ones. No adult wants to be told what to do when by a loved one or friend.  We accept it at work because we have to, but at home, we resist.

The solution: let go of control.

Release expectations and demands on others.  If you need something, make a request, ask them if they would be willing to do such and such at a time that works for them, and then give them complete space to say yes or no.  If they say no, accept it gracefully and back off. They may opt to do it on their own time or never.  Be OK with that.

No one wants to be controlled.  People want to be loved, appreciated and respected. Letting go of control and demands will improve your relationships.


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