Protect Your Content in Blogs and Ezines

Fire Up! Your Intellectual Property Protection

If you regularly post on your blog or newsletter, protect your material.   Tammy Hawk-Bridges of the blog Social Heavy shared two free websites that allow you to check if Fired Up! Blog by Snowden McFallsomeone is using your content without permission:  Copyscape and Plagium.  Using Copyscape, I found someone had taken an entire paragraph from my blog and used in her blog without giving me credit. It's possible she didn't know better.  I have contacted her to have her either remove it or credit me with having written it.  Not crediting a source is a copyright infringement, and is both unethical and unprofessional. Always put a ©symbol on all your writing. (P.S. I am thrilled when someone wants to reuse my content, if they get permission and list me as the source.)

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