Fire Up Your Networking with the Two Pocket Rule

 This Simple Trick Helps Organize Your Contacts

As I have been getting to know the Jacksonville, FL, community, I have attended hundreds of networking events, and this community takes its networking seriously. At most events, people pass around their business cards, and often exchange cards while socializing or nibbling on appetizers.

That’s where the two pocket rule comes in. Wear a blazer or jacket that has at least two pockets. Stuff the right pocket with your business cards. Fill the left pocket with business cards of people you meet. That way, the two are easily sorted when you get back to the office.

Also be sure to write notes on the back of a card after you have met someone, especially if you learned pertinent personal information, such as their hobbies, family members, or upcoming events. That will give you great information to reference when you next contact them.

When you get back to your office, take the cards out and sort.  Use either an electronic business card scanner or plastic card sheets and notebooks.  Anyone you promised to share something with or send something to, do that and make notes of it on the card or contact sheet.  If they are a serious prospect, put them in your contact/ database management system.

Next- think about how you can add value to their lives.  What article, information, contact person or problem can you solve for them?  Who can you connect them to that will help them.  Don’t try to sell yourself- simply add value.

And never forget that handwritten notes have a huge impact because they are so rare in today’s world.


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