You CAN Achieve those Resolutions

It’s almost the end of January and  many people are faltering on their resolutions.  And they’re not alone.  Usually, 75% of resolutions don’t make it.

But YOU CAN SUCCEED at your goals.  Here are two keys from legends Brian Tracy and Darren Hardy of Success Magazine, sprinkled with my experience over the past 30 years.

1. Get crystal clear about what you want.  Imagine it’s Jan 25, 2014 and this past year was the best year of your life.  What happened to make it that way?  Who was in your life?  What did you do?  So now what goals emerge from this that will help you get there?

2. Clarify, chunk and write down your goals.   Now you know what the big picture is, clarify it by writing it down.  That action alone is very powerful. For many people, weight loss and fitness are goals.  Perhaps Bob saw himself 75 pounds lighter.  That’s a huge goal. Reduce the goal to 50% likelihood – 33 pounds in 12 months that he keeps off.

 Now chunk that into smaller steps.

I am a fit and healthy 185 pounds on Jan 25, 2013.

chunk goals for Feb 2013

– walk at least 4 times a week

– cut back on carbs

– stop eating at 8 pm

As Bob is successful at each of the small chunk goals, he can then move on to the next ones.The key is to create a pattern of success.  It’s a cinch by the inch and a trial by the mile.

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