More Ways to Achieve Your Goals

It’s now February. How are you doing on your resolutions?   Usually, 75% of resolutions don’t make it.

Last post I gave you 4 ideas about how to achieve success with your goals.  Here’s one more that is very powerful.

Track Your Progress
For years, I have maintained a healthy habits chart for my goals with different items I check off daily.  Things like exercise, meditation, eating right, contacting friends, etc. are all there and I check them off.
Find a tool that works for you- there a plenty of great apps on smart phones or you can just customize your own chart.  The key is daily tracking with rewards at monthly increments.
One of my weaknesses is sugar.  Just have not been able to give it up!  So that’s on my goals chart now and every day I don’t have sugar is a big win. 
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