Quick Tips to Create More Joy in Your Life

joy jump from Snowden McFall's happiness class

What can you do to create more joy in your life?

1. Celebrate your successes- large and small.  Create a victory wall where you post achievements of any level- articles that have been published about you, goals achieved, races you’ve run, charity work you participated in,family achievements, etc.  Look at it often and be grateful.

2. Find something to look forward to.  It might be a weekend away, an upcoming conference, a vacation, or special time with friends. In one study, people who just thought about watching their favorite movie had an increase of 27% in endorphins (the ‘feel good’ hormone)- just from thinking about it.  Every time something stressful occurs, think about what you are looking forward to and shift your state of mind. It works.

3. Spend time with little children.  They live completely in the moment and they usually laugh several hundred times a day (as opposed to adults who laugh 7.) Jump into the present moment with them and savor it.



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