The Worst Boss You Ever Had


Could Teach You A Few Things

Over 30 years ago, I had a boss who regularly came in and yelled at the staff.  For no reason.  He just vented his anger at the world onto his staff.  And yet he was brilliant, creative,  andvery effective at sales.  But he was not so good at managing and retaining employees.  No matter how terrific the rest of the job is, if you’re being screamed at for no reason, that verbal abuse will drive you away. Few people can tolerate constant demeaning.
Here’s what I learned from him:
• NEVER be a yeller.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t days when you’re stressed and frustrated, but don’t take it out on the people you work with.  If you’re that upset, go for a walk, go workout, get in your car with the windows up and yell there.  Just not at people.  Ever.  Really. It’s abusive.
• Positive specific praise and reinforcement goes a long way. Most people like public recognition and like being told specifically what they did well.  If you really want to thank someone, give them a written note as well; these are rare and amazingly effective. Sticky notes work, too.

• Financial reward only works so far
.  Continual humiliation, denigration, verbal abuse and difficult work environment will drive out even the most dedicated achievers away.  If you want to retain good people, treat them well.
Find out what is important to them and reward accordingly.

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