Success Lessons from Olympians

You Can Use Their Tools to Your Advantage

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If you watched the Olympics at all the past few weeks, it would be nearly impossible to not be inspired.  There were
so many great stories of overcoming adversity and set-backs,o of getting back up when you fell down, of hard work and determination fueling the fire of the torch.

All of us have big goals we want to achieve and need help along the way.  I really liked this article How Olympians Stay Motivated by Olga Khazan.

Key takeaways for me were:

• mindfulness- be fully present where you are doing whatever you are doing- it’s your most resourceful state

• keep your self-talk positive and have encouraging mentors and cheerleaders

• optimism is key- you’ve seen me talk about this before.  Keep your outlook focused on the good.

Have a great week fueling your dreams!


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