Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Why Are You Comparing Yourself?

Stressed Out man is overwhelmed and burntout

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

This is so true.  Why do we as humans spend so much time comparing ourselves to others.  I remember as a child that phrase “Keeping up with the Jones.”  One of my childhood friends had gotten a swimming pool and everyone else was so envious. None of the other families could afford one and they began to compare themselves and find themselves lacking.  Or they badmouthed the family that did have the pool.

That same pattern continues throughout adolescence, where we compare our bodies to those of others, our skin, our romantic relationships, our academic achievement, almost every aspect of ourselves. Our peers don’t make it any easier, and bullies can make it
downright painful.

And as adults, it continues.  Our co-worker gets a promotion and we wonder “Why not me?” We judge ourselves as inferior.

All of this is a big waste of time and energy.  Truly, the only thing we should be comparing ourselves to is ourselves.

Measure your progress with your goals and dreams.  How far have you come?  What have you achieved?  What have you overcome? And if you don’t have goals and dreams, set some.  That way, you can gauge your success.
But let go of the comparison game because you always lose.  There will always be someone more and less successful, more and less beautiful, more  and less wealthy.  Measure yourself on your terms and embrace your own unqiue talents, gifts and magnificence.  You are a gift to the world if you will share yourself.

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