What to Write About In Social Media

Educate, Entertain, Add Value

People just starting in social media often ask me what they should post. Write about your expertise, what you know well and the latest trends in those areas. Share quotes, statistics, and stories. Always add value and be a source of information and help to those following you. Be a positive force.  Share personally and vulnerably a bit, but don’t use social media as a sounding board when you’re upset.  And don’t make trivial posts about what you ate for breakfast… unless it’s really interesting or you have a great recipe or restaurant to share.  Realize that any posts on social media or the Internet may be out there forever, so never badmouth others, or put photos up on Facebook® that would embarrass you later.  More employers are searching social media to learn about what their people do off-line.  Be smart.  Use the guideline of “How does this help, inform, educate or entertain others?” And be careful about the entertainment part!

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