What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed

Take Control of Something Small

When you have too many projects going on and suddenly another lands in your lap, when your kids’ activities seem too onerous on your already hectic schedule, and when you can’t imagine where you would find time to exercise, stop.  Take a few minutes to yourself and breathe.

Stressed out Woman from Fired Up! and Stress ExpressOverwhelm is very common in  American society. We are on 24/7 with cellphones and computers and that means for some of us, our brains never stop.  The danger with that is you never get the critical rest your body and mind desperately need, and you don’t have any resources to fall back on.

Next time you are overwhelmed and feel out of control, try this.  Take control of one small thing that has immediate visible, tangible results.  Like clean off your desk.  Or file the mountain of paperwork sitting on top of your file cabinet.  Something you can see right away.  Afterwards, you will feel a sense of power and accomplishment and you can handle the next task. You’ll feel more balanced.
Then you can prioritize your highest leveraged activities and start managing them in peace and quiet with your phone off for a good 90 minutes, for maximum productivity.

You can conquer overwhelm and gain control of your time. Try it.


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