The Power of Choice: Stand in Your Power

Say No

There are so many times in our lives when we can choose to be courageous, strong, and live in our integrity, and there are times when some of us do not.
Regardless of peer or political pressure in any situation, you ultimately have yourself and God to be accountable to.  Live in the authentic nature of who you are, make decisions and take actions that resonate with you  and your values, and you will always be able to respect yourself.  There are infinite opportunities to do the right thing and be the best you can be.  Choose wisely.


“To win or lose,
To love or hate,
To try or quit,
To risk or withdraw,
To accelerate or hesitate,
To dream or stagnate,
To open or close,
To succeed or fail,
To live or die.
Everyone of these starts with a CHOICE.”
Snowden McFall


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