Give Your Clients Information the Way THEY Want It

 Everyone Is Different: Pay Attention to Their Needs

Fire Up your business with global connectionsDo you know how your clients prefer information?  I recently learned that one of my important contacts really dislikes the phone, and prefers skype or face to face meetings. That was a big surprise to me. And a little challenging since she lives on the West Coast and I am on the East Coast.

Some clients are not auditory- you can tell them things over the phone but the data is lost. (Most people are not auditory- they are visual.)  Visuals prefer the written word, whether by fax or email. Some don’t want attachments other than PDF files.  Some folks want reports set up in a specific way, followed by a confirming phone call.

Ask your customers and key contacts how they would most like to receive information and then change your work habits to suit THEIR needs. A recent client said she rarely checks email, so that if I send her something important, I should call so she checks her email.  That was very useful to know.

Find out what works for your key clients.  It can often dramatically improve communication effectiveness and ensure a smooth working relationship.  


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