Impossible is a State of Mind

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

I recently spoke at a conference for financial managers in the medical field, and met an impressive young man.  He shared with me his secret for success as a sales professional.  He said most salespeople were attractive women or strong, good-looking men.  He said those qualities made them more memorable.  Then he went on to tell me that he had suffered severe burns over most of his body when he was younger.  His face showed some of those burn scars although honestly, his eyes were what I most noticed about him. He said how many salespeople out there have significant burns on their body? He was the only one he knew of, and he used to to his advantage.  He said that made him memorable, and clearly his positive attitude made all the difference.

A colleague of mine, W. Mitchell, is a paraplegic who also experienced severe burns and trauma after two horrific accidents.  His message of inspiration and not quitting is very powerful. He is a special person and I am blessed to know him. His tenacity and joy of life always touch my heart.

So often, in my consulting and coaching work, I hear the words ” I can’t” or I observe how people quit on themselves. And then I think about people who had every reason to quit, to feel sorry for themselves, but instead turned their adversity into a strength and used it to help others.

Where in your life can your turn an adversity into a strength? Is there any part of you that has quit on yourself? I encourage you to dig deeper into your own inner wisdom and gifts, reclaim your power and commit more fully to success. You can do it. I believe in you.  Nothing is impossible.


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