Stress Express Tip: Sick Days Are Legitimate

My husband got a bad cold a while back, after working long hours and battling  substantial stress. In the last decade, he has very seldom taken a sick day.

Exhausted womanBut twice, he went to work, came back and went to bed. He just didn’t have the energy or strength to worry about anyone but himself.

And it was the right thing to do.

We are workaholics in this country. So many people never take vacations and end up sick, burnout and bitter.  That leads to increased illnesses or worse.

Sick days are legitimate.  If you or your employees are truly ill, recovering from surgery or a disease, contagious or absolutely exhausted, sick days are appropriate.  Having that time to get  rest and medicine, removed from the constant stress in life and the workplace, makes a huge difference.

And for those of you who employ many people, know that an appropriate sick day can save you thousands of dollars in health insurance claims, workers comp claims, and employee replacement fees.  It costs 1.5 times a person’s salary to replace them, according to Merck.  If a worker feels they can never call in sick when they need to, they will find another job. Take good care of yourself and your people and everyone wins.

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