Fire Up Your Presentations

Presentation Tip: Finish with Enthusiasm

Whenever you stand up to speak, whether it's for a 30 second self-introduction or a 2 hour sales presentation, remember to finish with Fired Up! enthusiasm. The close to your talk is critical.

Fired Up presenterI recently watched a speaker do a nice job on their presentation, using props and true life stories. (Stories are an excellent way to grab an audience's attention and share a message.)

At the end, however, their voice trailed off like they were tired and the audience missed their final point. They sounded like they no longer were interested.

You want to leave a positive impression on the listener; that's what they'll take with them. Finish with an upbeat, confident tone of voice and relevant story, quote or question. Close with some benefit to them, and do so sincerely and with energy. People never forget genuine Fired Up! enthusiasm; don't let them forget you!


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