Stress Express Tip: Complete What You Start

Get Fired Up By Handling Incompletions

Right now, examine your life.  How many projects are you working on simultaneously? How many books have you started and not finished?  How about unfinished articles you are reading or writing?  All of those are incompletions!

From Stress Express, image of messy home officeIncompletions drain large amounts of energy and actually create stress.  Anything from half-read newspaper to cluttered closets to the classic “to do” lists that never get finished; these are all incompletions.  Incompletions are a form of self-sabotage which can create anxiety, worry and tension.

At #Boss2011 this week, my friend Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive, talked about finishing.  In my book Stress Express, I have an entire chapter devoted to completion.  Robert Fritz wrote extensively about it in The Path of Least Resistance. 

Why?  Because we all know how important it is to maximize your effectiveness.  We all have a finite amount of time and energy and anything that drags us away from high productivity time needs to be addressed.  So if you are constantly feeling overwhelmed and like you have way too much on your plate, try these:

•  Check your desk right now.  What can you handle and FINISH in the next 10 minutes? Do it.  Record it as a success.

• Recycle newspapers and magazines you are no longer reading.  It's ok if you didn't read the whole thing.  Declare it done!

• Examine your to do list.  What items can you delegate?  What really does not need to be done?  Prioritize your list in terms  of high leveraged items- ones that will have greatest ROI and take action on them.

You'll immediately observe a difference in your energy, and you will feel a greater sense of satisfaction, productivity and well-being.

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