Start the Year with the End in Mind

It’s now 2013.  For just a moment, pretend it’s New Year’s Eve 2013 and you are looking back over your year.  What great successes have you had?  What new relationships?  What have you accomplished that was truly meaningful for you?

Start your year with the end in mind.  How do you want your life to be?

• physically- healthy, fit and strong?

• emotionally- joy and happiness in life and your relationships? positive outlook?

• spiritually- peace and well-being, connection to something greater?

• financially- abundant, prosperous, generous, free?

• mentally- stimulated, challenged, creative, open?

Add in the words that are right for you and make a plan to create that in your life.
People who have written goals are far more successful than those who don’t. Give some serious consideration to what is important to you and make plans to achieve that.  You can do it- you have infinite skills, talents and resources. 


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