New Study Shows Workers are More Stressed than Ever

92% of  US Workers are Stressed
Stressed out Woman from Fired Up! and Stress ExpressA new study from ComPsych Corp shows employee stress has escalated:

• 60% of all workers have high stress, while 32% have manageable levels of stress.  Only 5% say they have low stress levels

• Causes of stress: 40% of workers blame workload and 34% blame it on who they have to work with
•   36 % lose an hour or more productivity due to stress daily &  40+ % waste nearly 30 minutes of work daily because of stress
• Absenteeism- 30% of worker miss between 3-6 days of work annually because of stress

Ways to beat stress:
• practice deep breathing 2-3 times a day- deep belly breaths
• sleep for at least 7 hours a night to extend your life, reduce stress & improve health
• exercise at least 15 minutes a day doing something- walking, yoga, dance, basketball
• stay away from negative co-workers


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