How to Release a Bad Mood

 Do You Know How to Release a Bad Mood?

There are over 7 billion people on earth and you're going to let 1 person ruin your day?

Yes, I am a motivational speaker and people see me as a positive, enthusiastic individual.  But I am also human and yes, I do have bad moods.

release a bad moodNot too long ago, I woke up groggy, had a small argument with my husband, which is very rare, tried to go work out but found the equipment all in use (3rd time this week,) learned someone had broken an agreement which impacts our taxes, and so I was angry and frustrated.  ARRGGHH**!!!

But I remembered hearing Christopher Reeves speak after his accident.  He said that although everything in his life was out of his control, the one thing he could control was his attitude, the way he treated his caregivers. Powerful.


5 Ways to Get Out of a Bad Mood 

• Get physical in a good way So I couldn't work out at the gym.  I came home, jumped on my rebounder, turned on an exercise show on cable, did my lunges, and pushups and felt better. Exercise is a GREAT way to release upset and stress.

 Write it all down and burn it. I spent about 10-15 minutes writing all my frustrations down, free flowing without censoring anything, writing everything that came into my head.  Then I burned it! AHHH- release!

• Call a Friend I called a girlfriend and vented.  She is a wonderful support system and we do this for each other.  Sharing upset often releases it.

• Find Good Things to Look Forward To. I did some research on upcoming jazz shows, places to go ballroom dancing and comedy clubs. Laughter is a great healing agent.

•Meditate I'm a huge believer in meditation, and I know from my research how much it decreases stress. If you don't know how, try deep breathing with your eyes closed and focusing on a beautiful scene in nature.

I'm much better now, thanks to these tools in my toolkit. Let me know what works for you.  Have a great weekend.


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