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Lincoln had a tremendous capacity for personal growth - more than any other American President.  Henry Louis Gates

Two friends helping towards personal growthAre You Who You Want to Be? The Personal Growth Opportunity

If you died tomorrow, what regrets would you have?  Were you the person you wanted to be for your spouse, your friends, your children, your co-workers,

and your employees?  There's always time to change and for personal growth, and nothing works better than the present to start.

How to Develop Yourself

Accept and Forgive I learned the hard way many years ago that righteous indignation against people who have wronged you will only hurt you. It certainly backfired for me.  Once I learned to accept what had happened, forgive myself and forgive others, I experienced a freedom I had never known.  Your don't forgive for the other person, you forgive for yourself. Try it.

Stop Faking  So many of us have been plagued by the fraud syndrome, where we tried to be someone we weren't. Have you ever spent time with someone, only to discover they were nothing like who you thought they were?  Many people put up a facade, but it always falls away at some point and the real person shows up.  Why waste all that time and energy? ? Just be yourself. Always.

• Work on Your Health - That means every aspect of your health, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual.  Develop yourself.  I have found that exercising nearly every day has made a huge difference in my emotional well-being. Meditation and prayer are important aspects of my life.  I continue to take courses on a variety of subjects to be learn and grow.  You can do the same.

Demonstrate Integrity  Let your word be your bond.  When you make agreements or commitments to others, keep them.  Do the same with yourself. Be honest in your interactions and demand that of those close to you.

All you need to do is look at Lance  Armstrong to know how destructive  deception can be. Only through open, integral communication can real connections grow and develop.

I believe in you.  You are already terrific. Now take your personal growth to the next level.


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