Overcoming the Stress of Holidays

Stress Express; Family Fighting

You Can Overcome Holiday Stress

All too often the pressure of meals, gift-giving, family dynamics and time management get to be too much.  Here’s how to prevent and beat that  holiday stress.
• Ask for help. If you are cooking a holiday meal, don’t do it all.  Be specific and ask each guest to bring something you need.  It will lighten your load and expense.

 Use your neighborhood grocery many will make all elements of your meal, or you can buy pre-made side dishes and desserts to save time and hassle.
• Do something untraditional- like Mexican or Italian

• Consider not doing the family thing.  A coaching client of mine was dreading the negativity that their family regularly spews at holiday functions.  I coached them to go on a vacation with their children.  It worked out great and everyone was relaxed.
• Put the battles aside for one day.  Vow to forgive and bite your tongue and change the conversation when it gets sensitive or controversial.

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