More Vacation Days = Better Productivity

More Time Off  Means Better, Happier, Healthier Workers

Did you know that if women aged 45-64 took two weeks of vacation a year, they would cut the incidence of heart attacks in half!  That’s right, the simple act of going on vacation can save your life. (Boston College study)

Exhausted woman from Stress Express!According to Expedia, 34% of employed Americans  return from vacation feeling better about their jobs and are even more productive.  53% say they come back feeling rested and rejuvenated.

At Red Frog, the CEO gives his employees unlimited time off.  That’s right- unlimited time off.  And it’s never abused or taken for granted.  Because more time off means greater productivity.  You have time to recharge and renew; creativity abounds and you return to work with a good attitude, ready to take on challenges.

In 2011, 70% did not take all their allotted vacation time.  Managers: take note- this is not a good idea. Encourage your people to take all their time off, and consider giving them more.  You may just find you have even greater success and better results.

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