Working Moms are STRESSED!

Moms Get More Stressed About Their Families Than Dads

Stress Express; Family FightingA new study confirms what many of us already thought- moms carry the emotional burden of stress in the family. The 500 Family Study investigated how middle class families balance family and work life . Overall, it found that working mothers spent 1/4 of their mental time worrying about the family, as opposed to working dads- 1/5 of the time.

Part of the aspect of mothers worrying is that they judge themselves negatively because they can't be everywhere at once.  Women are especially good at beating up on themselves! I know I am and most working mothers I know are, too.

Fathers need to be encouraged to help out more at home, and rewarded for this, rather than criticized for not doing enough.  If you want more help, ask for it.
And then heap on the praise when you get it.  It might happen more often!

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