Chronic Stress Could Be Killing You

Stress Could Literally Be The Death of You

Workplace problemsEveryone knows that stress is bad for you.  Tense muscles, ulcers, snarky attitudes- all of those are obvious results of stress. But did you know that stress can lead to much more serious problems?

Stress-related claims cost US companies 10% of their annual earnings. A typical employee with stress, back pain and depression is out of work nine weeks a year and can cost more than $5900 per employee in lost productivity.

The American Psychological Association says stress costs industry $300 billion a year in absences, medical costs, lost productivity, turnover etc.  One third of Americans say they are living with extreme stress.

Chronic Stress and Your Body

Nearly 80% of all doctor visits are stress-related 43% of all adults have ill health because of stress. Chronic stress is linked to the six major causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung disease, accidents, cirrhosis, and suicide.

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