Keeping Your Agreements

Make or Break Relationships in Business & at Home

Every notice there are some people you can count on absolutely to keep their word?  If they say they will do something for you, they do it.  If they can’t, they call and tell you why. If you have a meeting with them, they are there, on time, ready with what they promised.  It’s wonderful to do business with them, isn’t it?

And sadly, all too rare.  It’s become commonplace for people to not keep their promises.
Whether large financial institutions, investment firms, or your local telephone service, keeping promises has become a lost art. And that’s a mistake.

Whenever you make a commitment to someone saying you will do something by a certain time, you are making an agreement.  If you don’t keep it, it says volumes about your integrity and reliability.  It means you are not credible.

If you find you cannot honor a commitment, renegotiate it.  Reschedule the meeting, change the date, or explain why you cannot keep your commitment.  People will value you much more when you are a person of your word.  They will know they can trust you, that you are reliable.  And people do business with those they like and trust.