Why is Good Customer Service So Rare?

Ok- I admit it- I’m frustrated.  Very frustrated.  I have dealt with many vendors including phone companies, insurance companies, and banks this week who seem like they could care less about their customers.  They don’t return phone calls, they change your plan without your permission, they start charging you fees out of the blue because they want to and they really don’t care if you are unhappy.  They break agreements, lie to you and then consider this acceptable.  This is not the way to run a business.

You and I both know that if we treated my customers and clients the way I have been treated this week, we would be out of business. In my speeches and trainings, we focus on adding value to the customer, delighting them, giving them so much more than they expect.  Often what happens is they become viral advocates for your business and tell others how great you are.  But that’s not the reason to do it.  The reason to do it is because that’s the way to do smart business- to provide quality, excellence and added value.  That’s how you stay in business.

Maybe one of these days conglomerates will start to understand that- as their customers leave in droves.  I am certainly thinking about it.

How about you?  Any great customer service stories?

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